AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy

In this class, puppies under 6 months learn basic obedience, socialization and bite inhibition. There will be off-leash play. We will assist in socialization skills and we will discuss solutions for common puppy issues. Puppies that attend all 6 classes and pass the required skills test on the last week will receive their AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy certifications!

Start Date: Monday November 27, 2017
6 Weeks (New Puppies come to all classes)
Time: 7:15 PM

Location: DogTown East Powell (see address below)

​​​~ NEW ~
Levels Classes

Starting January 2018

Wags n Wisdom Dog Training is please to offer the most innovative, flexible and cost effective way to take group dog obedience training classes.

Levels classes is a new way to offer an unlimited training program. During your period of enrollment, you can attend as much or as little training as you like.

Levels classes is a new way to offer an unlimited training program. During your period of enrollment, you can attend as much or as little training as you like.

The Choice Is Yours!

It's a new twist on dog training that allows busy owners the flexibility they need to really teach their dogs the skills they want!

Why wait, enroll today!


  • Classes fit your busy schedule
  • Progress through the levels at your own pace
  • No falling behind
  • Levels 1 classes start every four weeks​
  • No waiting to enroll your dog in class
  • Can attend more than one class a week if you have the time
  • Students can revisit a lower level at any time to brush up on previous skills
  • Students can take time off if they are busy or go out of town
  • ​Dogs move up or down in any level throughout the training, which provides new dogs as distractions each week
  • ​The choice is yours!

Classes Start: Tuesday January 2, 2018 (see calendar for flexible dates and times)
Registration: See Package Pricing on Levels Page
Time: 7:15 PM
Class Location: DogTown East Powell 
1294 East Powell Blvd
Gresham OR 97030


Platform Stays

 ​Come join the fun of this new class and BOMB proofing your stays! This three week class we will learn about what platforms are and introducing your dog to them. Then we will start to help build skills with getting out of the car or crate, while your in the kitchen cooking dinner, when new people come through the front door, going out in public places, resturants, etc. 

*Dogs need to be comfortable on leash around other dogs and people.

Start Date: Tuesday November 28, 2017
Registration: $85
3 Weeks (dogs come to all classes)
Time: 7:15 PM
Location: DogTown East Powell (see address below)

Focus & Impulse Control     
A dog's impulse control has huge effects on every area of their life.
All day, every day, everything you’re doing is related to impulse control. 
Come join us to work on your dog’s behavior and learn new skills to help
your dog make the right choices and reduce their impulse control.
Exercises may include (depending on the needs of the class):
Focus                                     Mat Work (Turning on & off)
Zen (Leave It)                       Drop it
Coming when called           Loose Leash Walking
Distractions                          Wait
Stays                                      2 Toy game

*This class will be limited to 4 dog/handlers teams.

Start Date: New date coming soon!

Registration: $140.00
6 weeks (dogs come to all classes)
7:00 PM
Location:  Creature Comforts (see address below)

*If you have questions about class content or your dog’s suitability for this class please contact us to discuss it (this is not a re-active dog class).

​​​​Come 'ere (Coming When Called) 

​Coming when called is a life-saving skill that every dog needs.  We’ll give you the tools to teach your dog how much fun it is to come running when you call them. Our 5-week course (1st week humans only) uses reward based methods to teach your dog to respond enthusiastically when you call or whistle for them.

You should sign up for this class if:
*Your dog is at least 5 months of age or older.
*Your dog is comfortable in a class setting that includes other dogs and people.
*You want a more reliable recall.
*You want to have fun with your dog!

Start Date: New Date Coming Soon!

Registration: $140.00
5 weeks (1st class humans only)

10:15 AM

Location: DogTown East Powell (see address below)

Walk With Me (Loose Leash Walking)
Does your dog pull on leash? Is your dog taking you for a walk instead of the other way around? We can help! We will break down why dogs pulls and how we can help you build a better way to communicate with you dogs so that your leash becomes the tool it's meant to be and your walks become more enjoyable. 

Start Date: Coming soon!
Registration: $140.00
4 Week Class (dog come to all classes)
Time: 7 PM

Location: Creature Comforts (See address below)

Fun with Shaping & Tricks
Come join us for a fun class using Shaping and Targeting to learn some new tricks with your dog.

The Benefits of Shaping & Targeting:

  • Anything that your dog is physically capable of doing, can be taught through shaping & Targeting
  • Shaping encourages dogs to think on their own
  • Targeting can be used to boost the confidence level of a timid dog
  • Shaping encourages teamwork and communication
  • Targeting can prompt a dog to offer a new behavior without a food lure
  • Shaping will help develop your dog training skills
  • Targeting can be used to keep a dog’s attention focused on you instead of distractions
  • It’s easy to train, it’s just plain fun, and dogs love it!

Start Date: New date coming soon!
Registration: $140
5 Weeks (dogs come to all classes)
Time: 10:15 AM​

Location: DogTown East Powell (See address below)

Treibball Foundation
Treibball (pronounced Try-Ball) is an exciting new sport for dogs of all shapes and sizes!  Using a combination of both herding and obedience skills, Treibball has been described as a cross between soccer and a life-sized billards game with exercise balls being pushed by your dog. 
Treibball is a great way to build or improve teamwork and communication with you and your dog, while being physically low impact on both.   
This foundation level class that will cover: orientation behind the ball, directional cues, when and how to push the ball.

Pre-requisites include basic obedience skills with a reliable sit/down and stay. We’ll teach you the rest!

Start Date:  Thursday October 26, 2017
Registration: $120.00 
​6 weeks
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Creature Comforts (see address below)

​Treibball Practice Group - Intermediate
This is where the real fun begins! We will begin to start building patterns and playing games to build on orientation, pushing, distance, duration around the balls. Teams will begin to work one on one while other teams watch and take turns just like a match would be set up in the real world.

This is a continued class with a punch card. Each session purchased is 6 weeks with roll-over classes. What does this means? If you have to miss a class it's OK...Life happens and we know it! We will roll-over and not punch your card until your next class. You won't lose any money paid toward your punch card. But there is only one rule~You have to let the trainer know you will be absent. It's a win/win for the handler and dog team.That's it! 

*Prerequisite - Treibball Foundation Class

Start Date: Saturdays on going class 2017
Registration: $120.00 (with Punch Card)
6 weeks
Time: 9 AM
Location: DogTown East Powell (see address below)

Dogs & Oils Class
Come learn all about Essential Oils. Which one's should I use? How to apply them?  Most importantly how and what to use on your pets! Diffusing in the home with pets and how to apply them in the car, kennels and even daycares. We will answers all these questions and more for you at this Free one hour class.

*Please leave your dogs at home for this class.

Start Date: New date coming soon!
Registration: FREE (but you must register!)
1 Hour Class
Time: 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM
Location: DogTown East Powell (see address below)

​​To Register For Classes

Download the Student Profile and Registration Form and send to: wagsnwisdomdogtraining@gmail.com
Add in the subject line: YOUR CLASS TITLE (example - Class Registration - Levels 1)

*Observers are always welcome in any class, but must register with the office.

Class Locations:
Group classes are taught at two locations:

DogTown East Powell 

1294 East Powell Blvd

Gresham OR 97030

Creature Comforts Pet Center
15106 SE McLoughlin

Milwaukie (99E) OR 97267

The site is easy to locate on the east side of McLoughlin, just one block south of the Oak Grove Fred Meyer, and right across from the Panda Express restaurant. If you are traveling north on McLoughlin (99E) from I-205 or Oregon City, it is just 2 blocks North of Walmart.